Why Should We Read Sports-Person’s Autobiography?

Why Read Sports-Person's Autobiography

Today sports is one stream where—compared to simple education–one can earn huge money provided there is dedication, hard work and sincerity. No doubt, luck plays its part, but then you need it in every sphere wherever you go. We see many sports persons in our history who pursue their dreams and ideals, succeed and fail […]

Effective Ways to Improve Vocabulary in Students

Improve Vocabulary in Students

Today SMS & chat abbreviation usage has killed the idea of good words while writing and speaking. Leave alone using good grammar and power words, we find students not only struggle to use correct spellings, they have huge difficulty differentiating between pairs of words like “affect” and “effect”. The end result is, majority students fail […]

Should NCERT Books Be Made Mandatory for CBSE Schools

Should NCERT Books Be Made Mandatory for CBSE Schools

Recently, parents all over India were up in arms against private schools lobby for unjustified hikes in education fees and the loot on spurious heads. In continuation another suggestion was forwarded saying NCERT books should be made mandatory for all CBSE affiliated schools. In response the HRD Minister – Prakash Javadekar, approved the move. This […]

Why Playing with Dough is Beneficial for Kids

Why Playing with Dough is Beneficial for Kids

Dough or plasticine is a wonderful product, which is sadly overlooked by many. If used intelligently, it can help your kids in practically endless ways and help him grow as an evolved individual. Just like a teacher uses knowledge and moulds it in different books, same is the case with the dough. We know, many […]

How your children can benefit from collaborative learning

Collaorative Learning

Nothing New that is interesting comes without collaboration Schools encourage kids to learn from one another as teaching others is another form of learning. Research on collaborative learning shows that teaching others is the most effective way to strengthen one’s own understanding of the topic and brings greater clarity to the child. This is the […]

Preparing for IAS? Why NCERT books are the way to go!

IAS Preparation

Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself! If you look at the acronym IAS, it means Indian Administrative Service, which further says that you need to know all the nitty grittys of almost anything and everything under the sun. This is only possible when you yourself are aware of what all is […]

Benefits of Buying Books Online

Benefits of Buying Books Online

We envy our kids no doubt. Gone are the days of hopping from one bookstore to another, in a diametrically opposite direction. Yet we had no guarantee that the said book would be available, and, if we would see it in good condition. Wasting many evenings after office was the routine each year when kids […]