Paper Books or Ebooks – What is Reader’s Choice

Ebooks or Paper Books

When it comes to books you are uncompromising means you won’t allow anything in between you and reading. But with the influence of the internet, these days books are no longer paper based, e-books have equally captured the market and hearts of the readers. But honestly, there are two categories of readers some are a […]

Important Mathematics Formulas

Basic Mathematics Formulas

For few children, Math is a disturbing subject and for some it is fun. We have listed few basic mathematics formulas mainly Algebric and Trigonometry for students assistance. Algebraic formulas ● a² – b² = (a – b)(a + b) ● (a+b)² = a² + 2ab + b² ● a² + b² = (a – […]

6 Ways to Boost Your Memory

boost memory

Having a good memory is something you always crave for. But what are the factors that alleviate you from restoring memory? Reasons may be anything. But now there are various methods that you can possibly try to improve memory like setting a memory alarm card on your phone. Or else you can pen down somewhere […]

Tips for Stress Management in Exam

Exam stress management

Have you ever come across a student, who is not stressed with the exam. Certainly, you would get a few who feel confident about the exam. Well, a couple of factors like unprepared for the upcoming exams, not feeling motivated to study hard. Moreover, parents have expectation beyond student’s expectation to top the exam apart […]

10 Study techniques to improve memory

improve memory for study

Learning and remembering something is always challenging to your memory. Now to exhibit your memory power you have to confirm that you can store the facts for long. For students who are genuinely diligent and want to make the best of the hard work, they have to confirm that they use the hundred percent of […]

9 Games To Sharpen Your Young Child’s Math Skills

Games To Sharpen Your Young Child’s Math Skills

Seeing your child spending hours in front of tv simply puts you on nerves. You always shout at him and force him to flip through the pages of his textbook. But that certainly won’t seem motivating. Rather things seem to be in vain. Instead of creating a scene you should try to indulge your child […]

7 Easy Tips for Improving Kids Grades

Tips for Improving Kids Grades

Parents are often in the habit of screaming after kids especially when they go through an underperforming phase. Being understanding parents instead of creating a pandemonium in the house try to point out the flaws. Even patents are also seen comparing grades as well. Don’t you think these are seriously unhealthy for the development of […]