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Magbook Indian Polity & Governance 2017

Magbook Indian Polity & Governance 2017

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Magbook, as the name suggests, offers the unique advantage of both magazines and books. Same is the uniqueness of the Magbook Series by Arihant which covers the syllabus of General Studies’ portion of the UPSC and State PCS Preliminary Examinations.

The present Magbook for Indian Polity & Governance covers all detailed and conceptual aspects of Indian Polity & Governance per the official syllabus of UPSC. This book covering the Indian Polity & Governance in depth has been divided into 25chapters namely Constitutional Development, Salient Features of Indian Constitution, The Preamble, The Union & Its Territory, Citizenship, Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles Of State Policy & Fundamental Duties, Union Executive, Parliament, The Judiciary, State Government, Union-States Relations, Elections, Political Parties & Pressure Groups, Public Service Commissions, Languages, Emergency Provisions, Scheduled & Tribal Areas, Panchayats & Municipalities, Constitutional, Statutory, Non-Statutory Institutions, Governance, Public Policy in India, Right Issues in India, Amendment of the Constitution and Constitutional Provisions Regarding UTs, States with Special Status and Tribunals, each containing detailed theory about various aspects of the Indian Polity & Governance System.Each chapter in the book contains an ample number of solved problems which have been designed on the lines of questions asked in previous years’ Civil Services Examinations. At the end of each chapter, practice exercises have also been provided. The book extensively covers relevant provisions of Indian Constitution & Political System in a systematic approach. The book incorporates detailed discussion including pros and cons of recently passed and proposed bills as well as in-depth analysis of National and Social issues with added emphasis on Policy Formulation and Implementation and significant judicial pronouncements relevant to various issues articulated therein.

Quick Highlights:

  • Focus Topics and Trend of Previous Years’ Civil Services Exams
  • Chapterwise Practice Questions to build your Confidence and skill adaptation
  • 5 Practice Sets to analyze your studies before the exams
  • Subjectwise Detailed Solutions of Previous Years’ Civil Services Exams (2006-2016)

As the book contains ample study as well practice material for Indian Polity & Governance along with an ample number of previous years’ solved papers, it is highly recommended for the aspirants of Civil Services Preliminary Examination, State Civil Services, and other Competitive Exams.

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